Friday, April 29, 2011

Final Report on PLN

Personal Learning NetworkMy PLN hasn't really changed very much since my previous post. As I anticipated, I have added more  to my Google Bookmarks. I also feel that I have delved deeper into using Google Docs. My group has used Google Docs throughout the semester to share projects, information, and ideas. Both of these tools make it easy to share useful sites and information with others.I have also found Google Presentation to exceed the uses of PowerPoint presentations created through  Microsoft Office. I recently got an iPhone4 and I am anxious to learn more about Face Time. I have Skype, but I am only connected to a few friends. Face Time appears to be an easier and quicker way to "get connected". I plan on using a Class Blog for teaching. I have enjoyed the Blogging experience and think it is a great teaching tool. I use both Facebook and Twitter daily to correspond with friends, classmates, and educators. I am looking forward to acquiring new apps, skills, and friends along my continues technological learning journey.

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