Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Blog Post # 12

I Think, Therefore I BlogConsidering all of the technology we have encountered in this class, I think it would be a great idea to write a blog post evaluating your favorite technological teaching tool. Make sure to include positive attributes,potential problems, and why you feel this tool would work for your class. 

If I had to choose just one favorite, I would incorporate blogging into my classroom. A close second would be the Podcast, which has its own potential. Blogging allows students to explore their own ideas and opinions as well as others. They will have the opportunity to receive feedback and encouragement from educators, peers, and family. I think it is important to share information. Often times students understand better when a subject matter is explained and better clarified by classmates. Having C4C allows for peer teaching to occur. This may give incentive to students who are uninterested in reading others; blogs. Learning something new or better understanding a concept that was once misconstrued will give students the incentive to explore their classmates blog posts. 

As a future English teacher, I believe that blogging would be a great way to help students improve their writing skills and grammar. I personally am embarrassed when I realize I have published a post and have made an error. I also think that the spell-check on most computers present while blogging points out mistakes that students are able to learn from correcting initially and remembering later. It is sometimes hard for students to read through their own work and correct themselves, but this devise helps them to improve as they succeed. 

I would have my students blog about books we read and lessons taught in class. On Mrs. Yollis' class blog, her students read a book and recreated the occurrences. The activity helped students to remember the book  and better understand the lesson while having fun. Blogging is also a new way to keep a journal. In many English classes, teachers require students to keep a journal that is turned in at intervals or at the end of a semester. Blogging is a new way of journaling where a teacher can keep a constant check and give feedback before the final project is to be submitted. This is a great way to give students more security.


  1. I think that blogging is one of my favorite technological teaching tool. Students are able to improve grammar and their abilities to create posts that are interesting and different from their peers. Blogging is a tool that could be used in many classrooms. I myself am considering blogging to be a technological tool for my future classroom.

  2. Hey Nicole,

    This is a great idea! We do ask you in the final reflection questionnaire about some of your favorite things about the class, and this is a great way to expound on that. I really like this idea and we can save the final blog post to something different. Great thinking.

    Stephen Akins