Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Project # 10 - PLN Progress Report

A Social NetworkPrior to EDM310, I had never heard of a PLN (Personal Learning Network). Through this class I have learned that it is important to leave an intellectual trail, and collaborative  learning is a wonderful way to share useful information. Keeping these in mind, a PLN allows us to do both. I have recently started using Google Bookmarks, which is a great tool to refer back to and share great sites and information with others. Although I only have a few items Bookmarked right now, I anticipate expanding as the semester continues. I have also found Google Docs to be very useful when sharing important information. This tool makes collaborating much easier. My Gmail account allows me to correspond with classmates and educators. Twitter is also a great toll for connecting with others who share similar interests, and it has proven to be a great place to receive advice. When I first started EDM310, I wasn't interested in twitter for classroom purposes. I had an account, but didn't see the point in incorporating a class in my personal "fun", but I realized that it allows me to stay up to date with the class and find out if my classmates are having problems with the same things I am and offer support and help to one another. Blogging is something else I had no interest in upon entering this class, but I have come to enjoy sharing my opinions and interpretations of materials. I also like that classmates comment and prove feedback. Along with these sites, my PLN also consists of Facebook, Skype,  and YouTube

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