Tuesday, March 22, 2011

C4K Summary Post # 2

A Bug's LifeC4K #4-  Unaloto is a 7th grade student at Pt. England School in Mr. Mike Harris' room. She wrote a blog about a bug hunting trip she and her class took Wednesday morning. They went to the creek behind the school and found lots of "critters". Unaloto's friend Aidan gave her snails that tried to escape. I told her that her blog post was very interesting. I'm not a huge fan of snails, but I explained that it  is always fun to learn about new things. I also asked her what she learned about the bugs that her class caught while bug hunting.

C4K #5-  Rawiri's Parents Came to meet Mrs She!  My fifth C4k was for Mrs. Jenny She's 2nd Year (5 and 6 year old) student class blog  from Pt. England School in Auckland, New Zealand. .In this post Rawiri shares his excitement for his parents visiting his new teacher in a video. He says, "Last night my mom and dad came to see my teacher. They are happy that I like my new school"  There is also a picture of Rawiri's parents in the post. I told Rawiri that I too am glad he likes his new school and teacher. I told him that his parents must be very proud of him. I concluded by telling him, I hope to one day have great students like him in my  who bring their parents to to visit me.  

Children with their arms joined smiling
C4K #6- This comment was for a class blog featuring students years 5 and 6 form Tauranga N.Z. The post was a slideshow concerned with school value respect. I enjoyed the presentation and think it's great for students to be taught and reminded how to treat others and our environment. Each slide defined what "Respect is". The definitions were not only applicable to students but adults as well. The class also included pictorial illustrations of each action. They did a wonderful job. I think it is a great idea for teachers to establish respectful classroom etiquette and discuss with students what respect means to them. Collaboration is a powerful educational tool.   

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