Tuesday, February 22, 2011

C4K Summary Post #1

C4K #1- My first C4K was for a student named Taylor who is from Comox Valley, Vancouver Island. She posted a blog about her two Budgies (birds) Mc.Nugget and Mr. Spock. She described their personalities and was interested in what others thought of birds. I have had no previous experience with birds, so I told her that my puppy, Bentley, incorporated both Mc. Nugget and Mr.Spock's personalities. He is very entertaining but also likes to sleep much like her own pets.

picture of a parrot

C4K #2 - My second C4K was for a student in fourth grade at PT England School in Auckland, N.Z.Flora is a student in Miss Helen King's classroom. She posted a blog on a cross country race that she participated in. She told about the events of the day and was excited that she finished the race. I encouraged Flora to keep up the good work and expressed excitement for her finishing the race.

C4K # 3 - My third C4K was  for a 4th grade student in Mr. Stephen Wolfe's class. The school is in Birmingham Alabama. The student posted about a project they had completed for R.L.C. The student along with two other group members built  a roller coaster parks for a contest. They were judged and came in second place.The student felt that they should have won first place because of all of the hard work they put into the project. The student posted pictures of the final product. I told the student that the goup did a great job, and I assured them that second place was really good.

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