Saturday, February 19, 2011

Blog Post # 5 - Podcasting


The videos, posts, and audio presentations concerning podcasts were very interesting and educational. I learned they can be powerful techniques when introduced to the learning process. I was somewhat concerned about the difficulty but was pleasantly surprised to find that recording and sharing was an easy task. Although it's awkward to here your own voice played, I enjoyed the podcast project. 

The first podcasts I listened to were impressive. The Eagles' Nest Radio and Class Blog featured 3rd Grade Podcasts that were both educational and fun. This showed me that podcasts are a great way to make learning fun, memorable, and sharable. The music and sound effects added to the presentations were an effective way to create a mood that correlated to the subject matter. These podcasts also illustrated that information can be presented in different ways. These students used their podcasts to "report", tell stories, and interview experts. 

In Joe Dale's video, The Benefits of Podcasting in the Classroom presented the concept of the Millennial, which is anyone born after 1980. These people have always lived in a world where computers and technology exist at their fingertips. Dale explains that podcast  are an interactive form of learning. I learned that they can be used for reviews, and are great project-based learning approaches. Students who miss school or are unable to keep up in class are allowed to access information and lectures from teachers at home. Podcasts allow creativity and innovation. They are a great way to tell a story, leaving a powerful  and memorable impression on students. 

The links provided by Judy Scharf in Podcast Collection were very useful. These instructional videos showed me how to edit, save, and share podcasts. As in Dale's presentation, this post showed me many benefits to using podcasts in the classroom. The best part about podcasting is the information is available to anyone with access to the internet. They are great tools for generating discussion  and learning new information 

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